We design and implement solar systems that are leading edge technology because we continue to refine our systems to make use of the latest advances in technology.

Enjoy a continuous supply of electricity into your home, shop, farm or commercial building and love the savings to be made by installing a solar system from Solar Power Darwin. A new solar power system will not only deliver you cheaper electricity bills, but will add considerable value to your property.

From 1.5kW systems through to 20kW hybrid and off-grid systems, we will design a solution to meet and exceed your requirements.

You’ll receive the latest in technology and will be satisfied knowing your system is delivering exception efficiency.

If you have an idea in mind and would like to talk it through, whatever it might be, give us a call and we’ll happily give you some advice.

Solar Power Darwin - Solar Array

Residential Solar Systems

Reduce your electricity bills with a solar system that has been designed to get you the maximum performance for you situation and budget. Our technicians will discuss with your requirements and then design a system that will suit your property and your electricity usage, and of course your budget.

Various factors can influence the cost of a solar power system including primarily the amount of electricity you consume followed by the applicable area the solar panels can be installed on.

Currently, the next major cost of the solar power system is the solar battery, if you are looking to install one, the costs are still quite high. However we do expect the prices of batteries to fall over the coming years.

Solar Power System Benefits;

  • Reduce or eliminate your electricity bills
  • Increase the value and appeal of your property
  • Renewable, clean power that reduces dependence on fossil fuels
  • Low maintenance, long lasting
  • Possible eligibility for Government Scheme

Solar Power Darwin Benefits;

  • Complete individualised service, from your initial enquiry through to post installation support
  • Feel comfortable in the knowledge that your system is being design and installed by industry leading technicians who are certified and experienced
  • Benefit from a company that has over 13 years experience in Darwin and the NT, who had implemented many different solutions for different circumstances.

Commercial Solar

Of course solar power systems also benefit businesses and commercial premises. There are many different electricity usage profiles in the commercial sector, and in our experience most will benefit financially by installing a solar power system.

You maybe in a remote area of Northern Territory, with no access to the grid and using expensive diesel generators, if this is the case you’ll be impressed by the amount of money you can save by installing a solar power system.

Our solutions include various options such as complete off-grid/battery systems, hybrid systems, and supplemental systems depending on your needs.

We have done many very remote NT sites and will happily help you with your electricity needs.

Off Grid Power Systems

Off grid power systems require the use of a battery for storage and are often most widely used when access to the grid is not economically viable. Off-grid systems are also implemented where a client prefers this type of installation.

Because of the need for the battery to store electricity, off grid systems are usually more expensive than than hybrid systems.

You can enjoy the reliability and sustainability our full custom designed solutions will deliver for you.

Hybrid Systems

Our hybrid systems also make use of a battery (or batteries) for storage of electricity however the difference between our hybrid and off grid systems is that the hybrid system is still connected to the grid.

Being connected to the grid means that the grid is your back up power supply and you do not need to have a backup generator as is the case for off grid systems.

This generally makes the hybrid systems cheaper than the off grid systems.

Hybrid systems also have the capacity to feed electricity back into the grid. This can occur when the battery systems are full and the draw on the solar system is minimal so that the solar system is producing excess electricity than what is required.

Further information can be found on our homepage Solar Power Darwin.